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Current Enrichment Activities

A Preview of Possible Enrichment Activities for 2019/2020


National Geography Bee

This is an educational program of the National Geographic Society, GeoBee is a nationwide geography competition for U.S. schools with any grades 4-8, designed to encourage the teaching and study of geography- grades 4/5.


National Spelling Bee 

3rd Grade through 5th Grade students will participate in an oral spelling bee held within the classroom.

Final Local Spelling Bee - Contra Costa County


Math Olympiad - 4th/5th grade math tournament team led by parent volunteers. 


Destination Imagination (Oct. to Mar.) Team tournaments where students solve challenges based on three essential skills: Teamwork, Creativity, and Problem Solving. This program provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students of all ages and fosters original and divergent thinking by working in teams. Participants learn teamwork, the appreciation of understanding others, and that a group is a more powerful thinking force than an individual- Grades 3-5. In March the students present their solutions at a regional tournament. (Meetings are outside of school)

Facilitated by -Sharon Kovalovsky-


Gaming Club- Games, such as card, board, drawing, and more, are a perfect way to get kids to come together, have fun, be competitive, but also work on their social skills and problem-solving skills.

Students are more frequently not playing face-to-face with their peers and it is my hope that relationships can grow, confidence can be built, and fun and learning can be had through the Gaming Club.


The Athletic Club -This after school club focuses on developing life skills and lessons focusing on a variety of character traits, including leadership and cooperation. The club also addresses the importance of healthy living through athletic games while stressing the importance of exercise. 


Makers Space Class- Makerspace provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering and tinkering! With parent volunteers we can offer this in the future.

GATE and Enrichment

GATE at Quail Run Elementary

Gifted And Talented Education
The Gifted and Talented Program is integrated into the regular classroom. G.A.T.E. cluster classrooms are provided in grades 3 - 5.

Teachers at Quail Run provide differentiated instruction and possible extension activities for ALL students throughout the school day in a variety of subject areas.

A school/parent G.A.T.E. advisory committee assists in organizing additional enrichment activities.

DVHS Feeder area GATE presentation

Quail Run GATE Leaders

Leona Lam
Assistant Principal/GATE Coordinator

Edward Jacobson
Teacher/GATE Coordinator

Liping Yang
PTA and GATE Parent Rep 

GATE FAQs from the Quail Run Community

Recommended Readings

Making All Kids Smarter - By John DeLandtsheer - Recommended by Mr. Jacobson (GATE Coordinator)

GATE Links