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What is the Learning Fund?

What is the Quail Run Learning Fund?
The Quail Run Learning Fund (QRLF) is a parent-run, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to supplement our children’s public school education. QRLF is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.

What is the QRLF’s Goal?
Its primary goal is to raise monies to support educational enhancements that state and local school funding is not able to provide. Funding per student in the San Ramon Valley School District is well below national and California averages. QRLF is a great opportunity for you to help your child, and for our community to reach out to our school.

Where Do the QRLF Donations Go? 
Every donation goes directly to the Quail Run classrooms to support students through:
• Art
• Reading and math instructional assistants
• Technology such as laptops and iPads
• Vocal music instruction
• Library Media Coordinator
• Soul Shoppe
• Many other valuable programs throughout the school year.

How Can You Help?
See the QRLF site at
Events Include:
• Registration
• Fall Festival
• Math-a-thon
• Spring Fling
• Live Auction
• Camp Quail
• Walk-a-thon
• Corporate Matching

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