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The Quail Run Learning Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education foundation. For more information click here.

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What is Learning Fund?

The Quail Run Learning Fund (QRLF) is a parent-run, non profit organization dedicated to raising funds to supplement our children’s public school education. QRLF is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.

70% of Goal

Help Us REach Our Fundraising Goal!

We are committed to helping Quail Run with nearly $210,000 to support our kids.

We are only at 70% of our Fundraising Goal for 2019-20.

Donate as much or as little as you like to help our children!

How Do Donations Help our Kids?

99.3% of Funds Go To Kids

Why Do we need to Donate?

California State funds our San Ramon Unified School District way less than we think or would like!

- Our Local Property Taxes only fund 22% of the district budget
- We all pay into a special Education Fund Parcel Tax
- The remaining gap is funding by parent & community donations

Only a small fraction of our property taxes go to our schools

Meeting Dates

Sept 11, 2020

Oct 16, 2020

Nov 13, 2020

Dec 11, 2020

Jan 15, 2021

Feb 19, 2021

Mar 19, 2021

Apr 23, 2021

May 14, 2021


* Meetings are via Zoom, 8:10-10:00 am